Terms & Conditions

Salford Skip Hire

Salford Skip Hire will hire to the customer the container specified by the customer.

The customer will pay to Salford Skip Hire in advance the charges agreed over the phone unless credit account arrangements have been made.

The customer will take all proper care of the container, and lamps and cones where applicable, while in their possession and shall be responsible for all claims, costs, damage and expenses arising out of the position of the container or the use thereof during the period of hire and will indemnify Salford Skip Hire against any claim in respect thereof.

It shall be the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the container is properly illuminated during such times as the law shall require and shall indemnify the owner against claims, demands, damages, proceedings and expenses in respect of the failure to light the said containers.

The customer shall at all times during the period of hire so use the container in such a manner that it shall not contravene any act of parliament local bye-law, statutory instrument or other lawful regulation for time being force and shall indemnify the owner against any breach thereof.

The customer ordering the vehicle to be driven from or the container to be placed off the road does so entirely as their own risk. The customer thereby accepting liability for any damages caused to third party property.

On the termination of the hiring the customer shall return the container to the owner in a good and proper condition.

Unless otherwise stated in writing the standard hire period will be a delivery day 1 and a collection on day 3. No time guarantees are made for any deliveries or collections. We reserve the right to collect the container at a date later than that specified.

The hirer shall not move the container from its original position once placed by the owner

CANCELLATION, WASTED JOURNEYS & REFUNDS – All order cancellations must be confirmed by either telephone or email.

If you have changed your mind and wish to cancel the skip, providing it is before the skip has been dispatched a full refund will be provided, less £12 (£10 + VAT).

If the skip is in transit or has already been delivered and cancellation is requested we reserve the right to charge a fee to cover our diesel costs and expenses this is £60 (£50 + VAT).

We reserve the right to charge for a Wasted Journey to cover reasonable costs should the driver arrive at the delivery address and is turned away or is unable to drop or collect the skip, this is £60 (£50 + VAT).

No refund can be issued once the skip has started to be filled with waste.

No refund will be issued for skip road licenses/permits once submitted to the appropriate council.


a) Please note that only lamps and cones collected from our offices and not those occasionally supplied by our drivers are sufficient for the purpose required under the relevant statues. If lamps and cones are required, please attend at the office at which you placed your order.

b) A container on the carriageway shall be protected by three cones positioned on the approaching traffic side.

c) During the hours of darkness an amber light shall be attached to each corner of the container and when the container has been placed on a carriageway, lamps must be placed between traffic cones.(each lamp should have an illuminative power of not less than 1 candela and must remain lit throughout the night).


a). No container shall contain any liquids, chemicals, food waste, inflammable, explosive, noxious, dangerous, hazardous, material which is likely to putrefy or become a nuisance to the user of the highway and the contents of the container must be kept damp to prevent dust becoming airborne.

b) Containers for Plasterboard can be hired separately.

b) No container shall be used in such a way that any of the contents fall on to the highway.

c) No container shall be filled beyond the height of the container sides.